IGUAZU GRAND Resort Spa & Casino
Treatments And Massages
• Therapies based on chocolate, known as “God´s food”, consists of baths, wraps, massage, masks and aroma therapy.

• Following our SPA lines, we only use natural products that are prepared on the spot.

• Some of the benefits of cacao are the following:
. It hydrates and nourishes skin and epidermis, preventing premature aging.
. Immediate and visible tightening effects on the skin.
. Cacao generates an emollient barrier that keeps skin moist.
. Tones up the body.
. Works as an anti-oxidant.
. Re-mineralizes enzymatic metabolism.
. Thanks to its exquisite scent, cacao is a fabulous relaxing tool. It also works as an anti-depressant and anxiety reliever on the nervous system.
. Cacao eliminates fatigue.
. Cacao provides general well-being.

• Facial (45 minutes)
Almonds and honey rub, chocolate mask, finished with smooth hydrant facial massage with natural oils.

• Body (1 hour)
Dry polish, chocolate body mask and hydrant oils massage. Treatment that includes only the body.

• Full Body (1 hour 30 minutes)
Same treatment as above but this treatment includes the face.

• Body with chocolate bath (45 minutes)
After body polishing with almonds, we spread a soft chocolate mask on the whole body. This treatment ends in a smooth massage with hydrant almond and coconut oils.

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Altitud: 213 mts. Over the sea level.