IGUAZU GRAND Resort Spa & Casino
Treatments And Massages
Four Hands Massage
The Four Hands Massage is a massage performed simultaneously by two masseurs. This massage is especially recommended for people who need an intense and highly effective anti-stress treatment. Four Hands Massage will take you to a stage of total relaxation.
• Relaxing (50 minutes)
• Anti-stress (50 minutes)

Couple´s massage
The Couple’s Massage consists of an anti-stress and relaxing massage with your partner. The goal of the relaxing massage is getting rid of all physical and emotional stress. This massage generates a state of total relaxation which we call Nirvana Experience which is coupled with a shared experience.
• Relaxing (50 minutes)
• Anti-stress (50 minutes)

Individual massage
• Relaxing (50 minutes)
• Anti-stress (50 minutes)

Soothing Massage
When a guest requests a Soothing massage, we accompany him or her through an outdoor path decorated with dim lights along the road to the Spa Suite. The Sedative soft massage inspires a state of general ease. Soft and rhythmic techniques are used to generate a condition of interior peace and harmony. At the end of the treatment, the guest is offered a blend of maracuya and mint water.
• (50 minutes)

Moon Light
At the Spa del Paraiso we want to make every moment unique and a memorable. This concept was the idea behind our new Full Moon Night Relaxing Massage. The massage is performed with smooth, calming movements. At its conclusion, the patient is offered a bottle of champagne and regional ¨chipitas¨.
• (50 minutes)

Aromatherapy with energetic stones
Aromatherapy is a treatment that calms the mind, soul and body. It is based on the therapeutic effects of the Essential Oils, with natural antiseptic and curative properties.
• (40 minutes)

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Altitud: 213 mts. Over the sea level.